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Drone Imagery and Video

Async-Nu Microsystems exclusively utilizes the professional high-end DJI Mavic Air 2 - Drone Quadcopter UAV with 48MP Camera 4K Video 8K Hyperlapse. The Mavic Air 2 max altitude is 3.10 mile with an astounding fight time of 34 minutes and speeds of over 40mph.

Our model uses both GPS and GLONASS, allowing the quadcopter to pick up many satellites. The dual satellite system is used by the Mavic Air 2 to assist with precision flying, very precise hovering much more.


A factual narrative style video highlighting a program or campaign which includes interviews and b-roll.

A short video comprised of highlights of a special event.

A straight to camera speech given by a principle using a teleprompter. Our videographers will assist in creating scripts for these videos.

This is a short 1-60-second video meant to catch users’ attention on Instagram.

This can be a shorter version of a short documentary, event recap or promo video.

This type of video, normally part of a communications campaign, features a defined call to action, and tries to convince an audience to learn about a topic, change their attitude, or take a specific action.

Other Formats

A factual narrative style video highlighting a program or campaign which includes multiple interviews and b-roll.

Often use Adobe After Effects templates for these videos.

A video comprised of self-submitted videos from program participants or social media followers.

Multiple photos documenting an important event.

Multiple photos of a group of program participants.

A short image format that repeats movements. It can be animated or live caption.

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