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Our services focus on information technology investment opportunities based on Return on Investment (ROI) analysis using our proven methodology to protect our client’s current investments in information technology, while bridging them to new and innovative business strategies.

We approach all consulting engagements using a common methodology. We conduct business studies ranging from enterprise wide Management Information Systems (MIS) strategies, to supporting and implementing all corporate goals.

Async-Nu Microsystems’ Business Intelligence practice assists our customers in developing business enhancing strategies through the transformation of disparate data into valuable knowledge assets.

Consulting Services

We can assist your organization in protecting its most vital assets and data by providing security management, policies and procedures.

Our ERP solutions strategically positions your technology assets to align with and adapt to your business processes, reducing your total cost of ownership and improving responsiveness, quality and Return On Investment.

By definition, business continuity is the ability to survive, to compete and to meet business obligations under any circumstances. The goals of Async-Nu Microsystems is to provide a plan that enables an organization to sustain an interruption, and at the same time, satisfy customers, maintain revenues, minimize expenses and preserve market share.

An effective data quality strategy and core standardized practices can help you better understand your business environment, allowing you to maximize profitability and reduce costly operational inefficiencies. Async-Nu Microsystems provides services that can assist you in the proactive assessment of risks by thoroughly assessing data risks and incorporating on-going quality processes into system designs.

Async-Nu Microsystems helps an organization define and employ sound information services – which ensures that data appropriately supports and expedites the information needs of the organization. The primary intent of our Information Management services is to deliver state-of-the-art design, COTS integration and data integration solutions.

We assist in developing application strategies, and implementation plans with a focus on the standardization for the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process.


We welcome all experienced and certified Information Technology (IT) professionals to join our team. You can apply for a position with us by forwarding your resume to our Human Resources Department.

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