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Enterprise IT

To achieve results, business and IT must work jointly to obtain complete alignment. Then IT can enable the enterprise along multiple dimensions and provide bottom-line results through efficient and effective operations as well as incremental increases in ROIC.

IT Strategy

Information technology leaders are under pressure to control costs, introduce new services and align IT investments with corporate objectives. Achieving these improvements in IT performance is an increasingly complex challenge. You must overcome a host of issues ranging from building and integrating of solutions, to managing new technology trends and controlling operations – all on a limited budget. To further complicate matters, new regulatory mandates, such as Sarbanes-Oxley and other privacy regulations, pose a further strain on limited IT funds and resources.
Reduce Spending, Improve Performance
Our Enterprise IT Architecture and Strategy solution provides a solid foundation that can help your vision of aligning business and information technology initiatives – helps your organization increase profitability by better leveraging people, processes, and technology.
Enterprise IT Architecture And Strategy Consulting
Async-Nu Microsystems provides services to help clients determine how their technology environment operates today and develop a vision and blueprint for how it needs to operate in the future.

Our Solution Helps You

Examine your architecture’s ability to support future business growth.

Identify potential barriers to achieving your goals

Show how your environment can more effectively support the enterprise

Provide the financial justification for IT investment

Service Offerings

IT Architecture & Business Assessment

IT Architecture Strategic Planning & Roadmap

IT Program Planning

Improve IT Value and Efficiency

By integrating IT strategy with business strategy, this will increase the value that IT offers to the enterprise through greater innovation risk management and operational integration.

With agile IT Architecture, applications can respond faster and more effectively to changes in the business processes coming within the organization or from the marketplace.

Raise credibility throughout the organization by consistently delivering on time and on budget, meeting service level agreements, and contributing to financial performance.

We give you an effective tool for making the right decision about your architecture and for communicating to stakeholders and management the precise state of your IT environment.

Effective reuse of IT assets helps realize sustainable cost reductions from your IT functions and makes resources available to deploy toward growth initiatives.

Service Offerings (in Detail)

Performs a Current State assessment at a level of detail that quickly identifies major issues, hurdles and/or opportunities.

Develop a Future State IT Strategy and Roadmap which will be aligned with overall business strategy, vision, objectives and the role IT plays within the organization as well as integrated with an overall Enterprise strategy.

Develop a plan with a business case that profiles key initiatives with proper emphasis given to current pain points, hurdles, and/or opportunities for improvement.

Develop a strategy and plan that builds consensus, buy-in and ownership across executive constituents.

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